NinJam – Online Jamming Plugin for Reaper

At the beginning of Corona lockdown (here in NZ – 23rd March 2020), a mate found the NinJam plugin for Reaper. We all used Reaper anyway, so would be great if it worked…

Looked into it, sussed out that theres a little server app you run on your PC and open a port on your firewall (2049) to the machine that runs it, and tada.. the rest is History.

Our musical clan (Satellitas) racked up 18.5 hours of jamming recordings over the Lockdown period. NinJam is the business.

Check out these videos to get going:

Running a NinJAM Server – Note: only one person in your group has to do this, the others all just connect to you on your IPAddress on Port 2049.


This Video is setting up Reaper ready to Jam