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Dynamics CRM 365 – On Prem – Invalid Trace Directory

Looks like another piece of CRM team awesomeness. The Tracing directory should be: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\Trace   But some update somewhere changes it to: c:\crmdrop\logs   That’s not very helpful. I initially tried to change the trace directory back to the right place using CRM PowerShell, but that failed with authentication errors (that i […]

Get-CrmSetting powershell – The caller was not authenticated by the service / The request for security token could not be satisfied because authentication failed.

Had a need to run CRM powershell on an On-premise CRM Server. I’ve had this same issue before where any powershell command you run against the Microsoft.Crm.PowerShell provider fails with authentication errors. In this example, i was trying to run this and it barfed on Get-CrmSetting ….

  Turned out to fix it, i […]

ESP32 programming with Arduino on Windows

Today, I had an ESP32 development board arrive.  I have been eagerly awaiting this new ESP32 chip as from what I can understand, it has a lot more I/O pins (which you run out of pretty quickly on a ESP8266 dev board like a Wemos) with some more dedicated rs232 interfaces, and the big thing […]

Azure DNS via PowerShell

In my working world, I recently have discovered the relatively new feature in Azure – DNS. From my early playing round it seems great! Very fast to update and easy to control with scripting. You will need the Azure PowerShell provider.  Very simple to get. You basically open up PowerShell and type:

And then you […]

Google Places API in C# .NET

I recently had a requirement to look in to using the Google Places API in some code i was writing. I found this library here that made the whole thing a lot easier. https://github.com/azizmb9494/Google-Places    I ended up writing a quick C# application to test the different searches by lon/lat and by text. Download Places – […]